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Cooperative of the Blind "START" in Przemysl is a company with rich traditions and a well-established position in the field of manufacturing of electro-technical equipment and brush products. In this activity we have a certificate of quality management system and national and foreign certificates for manufactured products.

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Our specialty is the production of connecting cables with plugged and assembled plugs and a whole range of components and assemblies for the internal electrical installation of a variety of household and technical products. We also manufacture brushes and provide plastics processing services.

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Electrotechnical industry

connection cords for household and stereo equipment,
extension cords,
cable harnesses,
small electrotechnical equipment (blocks, connectors, shields, bend protectors),
internal wiring for motors windings,
miniature plugs
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Connecting cables

Cable harnesses

Remaining production

Brush industry

brushes for vacuum cleaners,
brushes for sweeping,
brushes for clothing and shoes,
technical brushes,
miscellaneous brushes,
we offer automated and manual services
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Brush products

Unusual services

Beekeeping industry

Apiculture equipment, heaters, other components of a comprehensive system for heating bee colonies, bee brushes. Download the catalog

System for heating bee families

Other equipment

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