The Blind Co-operative “START” has been established in 1953.

Our production operations are focused on two disciplines:

- electrotechnical – as the basic one
- brush-related

The electrotechnical production covers moulded plugs, extension cords, electrical harnesses and small electro-installation equipment.
Brush-related discipline: popular household and technical brushes,
i.e. used in different devices and of specific appropriation.

We are a company with firm market standing and opinion of reliable supplier of electrotechnical products.
Within this field of operations, we have a quality management system certificate and national and foreign attestations for the manufactured products.

Własny dział remontowo-narzędziowy pozwala nam na szybkie przystosowanie narzędzi do potrzeb produkcyjnych. Potrafimy zatem pozytywnie reagować na pojawiające się pilne niestandardowe zamówienia.
To meet the market and customers expectations, we invest into selectively assorted machines and production devices as well as control and measurement equipment.
Many-year-long experience, qualified personnel and properly organized production and supervision process guarantee continuous and high quality of the manufactured goods.
Our credibility is confirmed with the fact of cooperating with many companies, including with the leading manufacturers of household and stereo equipment, electrical tools and other electrical devices.

The Blind Co-operative “START” has the status of Supported Employment Enterprise.
Our customers can make use of benefits concerning the payment to PFRON [State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People].

Who represents us

Andrzej Obszarny

Prezes Zarządu
+48 16 676 84 00

Jerzy Gołąb

Z-ca Prezesa ds. Produkcyjno Handlowych
+48 16 678 23 01

Ryszard Caban

Kierownik działu Zaopatrzenia i Zbytu
+48 16 676 84 60 wewn. 121

Kazimierz Obara

Kierownik działu Przygotowania Produkcji
+48 16 676 84 60 wewn. 109