System description

In pursuit of the needs of beekeepers, our company has developed and introduced a new product called Comprehensive System for Heating Bee Family. Our system can be used in both small apiaries and also in large beekeeping farms. The system fits into any type of hive and is designed so that each beekeeper can mount it himself in his apiary. The system can also be tailored to the individual client's needs, for example, for heating atypical wedding stalls collectively.

Our system, as its name suggests, is used to heat bee houses in the hive and consists of the following:

  • Universal hobs (suitable for each type of hive) can be placed either on the hive bottom or on the hanger as a standard hive frame. The heater can have a power of 5 W or 10 W (a more powerful heater can also be ordered for the individual order).

  • Heating frames that match each of the basic types of hives. The heater can have a power of 5 W or 10 W (a more powerful heater can also be ordered for an individual order)

  • A temperature controller with which we can set a certain temperature and keep it at the appropriate level (one regulator can be used for more heaters).

  • A power supply providing a safe voltage of 12 V
  • Extra wiring in the form of extension cords and splitters (needed when powering a few heaters from a single power supply).

Thanks to the use of safe voltage it can be used in open air hives. The heater's effect is silent and does not produce light. The use of a low-temperature heating element protected by a protective net is conducive to its use in the heating of bee colonies and in the use of styrofoam, polyurethane and other plastics.

Thanks to the location of the heating element on the entire surface of the heater and the use of the reflecting screen, the heat is spread over the entire surface of the heater, which in turn results in uniform heating of the interior of the hive. As a result, the bees quickly begin to relax their shoulders and spread throughout the hive, taking on intensive work. The heater can be used at various times at the discretion of the beekeeper.

Basically, our system was designed for heating in the following situations:

  • During spring review and eventual emergency podcasting
  • in spring red when there is danger of chilling
  • remove the moisture by draining the inside of the hive
  • support for weak families
  • extends the red period in the fall
  • For easier honey spinning
  • wintering bees in wedding gowns
  • Temperature control of parasites and diseases
  • acceleration of spring family development

Advantages of use:

    Faster development of the family and attainment of strength
    Less consumption of food during winter
  • Smaller workload of the family to maintain the heat, so that the family can focus more on raising feces and gaining benefits
  • maintain adequate air humidity in the hive by drying
    Natural methods of combating parasites and diseases
  • Protect against redness during early spring
  • Better family preparation for early benefits

Our system took third place in the competition for innovative beekeeping solutions at XXXIV Polish Beekeeping Days in Lidzbark Warminski (2-4 September 2016)

When purchasing the system, each component is accompanied by a user manual and a comprehensive installation manual.

If you have questions about technical issues, please contact us at